External Links

Each year, some of our members send out links to interesting articles, reviews and other effluvia related to what we read. Here is a collection, by year:


Interview with Colson Whitehead about Harlem Shuffle

Unpacking My Library", Walter Benjamin

"The Aleph", Jorge Luis Borges

Banville on Henry James and "Portrait of a Lady"

Vocabulary Worksheet for Banville (for extra credit)

Harlem and the End of the Civil Rights Era

Babel’s Red Cavalry: Story, History, and the Hidden Plot, with Gregory (Grisha) Freidin


The Memory Police: Questions and Connections


Supporting documents about Untouchables:

The Annihilation of Caste, a speech by B.R. Ambedhar

  • Supporting documents about Cracking India:

    Review in NYTimes, 1991

    Review in The Satirist, 2000

    Link to Earth, 1947,a movie adaptation of Cracking India

    Character Chart for Cracking India

  • Supporting documents about Conde:

    “Reading Outside the Mangrove" by Ronnie Scharfman

    "Giving Voice to Guadeloupe" by Maryse Conde, February 6, 2019, The New York Review of Books

    "Crossing the Mangrove of Order and Prejudice" by Pascale de Souza

    "Reconfiguring Boundaries in Maryse Conde's Crossing the Mangrove" by Deborah B. Gaensbauer


    New York Times review of The Door by Claire Messud

    New Yorker review You may need a digital subscription to read.

    Cather on Cather from the New York Times

    James McBride on Toni Morrison, Feb. 26, 2019

    2015-16: Short Novels

    "The Sweetness of Short Novels" by Ingrid Norton, a list of short novels and reviews at Open letters Monthly, a literary review site.

    Turn of the Screw, Henry James

  • New Yorker review, 2012
  • Benjamin Britton's 1954 opera
  • Turn of the Screw and TV's "Dark Shadows"
  • Goodbye to Berlin, Christopher Isherwood

  • BBC and Isherwood
  • Christopher and His Kind
  • Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson

  • Lyrics to "Goodnight Irene"
  • The 100 best novels: No 92: Housekeeping
  • Review of Bill Forsyth's movie adaptation
  • 2014-15

    Reading The Scarlet Letter by Amanada Claybaugh, Harvard Extension School


    Kathryn Schultz's review of Americanah, originally from New York magazine, May, 2013


    Twain's view of Cooper

    Paul Robeson's "Ballad for Americans"

    Some biographical info about Henry Roth

    Salinger's last Glass story, "Hapworth 16, 1924."

    Salinger's, "A Perfect Day for Bananfish"


    "Who were the Trojans? What language did they speak?"

    Auden's poem, "The Shield of Achilles"

    "How to Read a Novel" by Amanda Claybaugh

    Professor of English, Harvard University



    Review of Only Yesterday in The New Republic